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Services & Activities


Red Paw CSR can assist companies in designing and developing customized CSR programs that align with their corporate values and goals. This includes identifying relevant animal welfare causes and initiatives.


Creating a strategic roadmap for implementing CSR initiatives effectively, including setting goals, defining success metrics, and establishing timelines


Facilitating connections between companies and local communities, animal shelters, and rescue organizations to foster meaningful engagement in animal welfare projects.


Overseeing the execution of CSR projects, such as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, animal adoption drives, or educational campaigns, from planning to implementation


Identifying and vetting potential nonprofit partners, animal shelters, and organizations that share the company's CSR objectives, ensuring alignment and ethical practices


Developing employee engagement programs that encourage staff involvement in CSR activities, volunteer opportunities, or donation drives


Creating and executing awareness campaigns to promote responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and the company's CSR efforts


Integrating animal welfare and environmental sustainability efforts for a holistic CSR approach, considering the interconnectedness of ecosystems and animal habitats


Organizing and managing CSR events, workshops, seminars, or adoption drives to engage employees, clients, and the community


Advising on how CSR activities can positively impact a company's brand image, reputation, and customer loyalty


Facilitating dialogues between the company, local authorities, animal welfare organizations, and the community to build strong relationships

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Trap - Neuter - Return  (TNR) Sponsorship Program

Description: Corporates can sponsor TNR programs, which involve trapping street cats, neutering them, and returning them to their colonies.

Impact: Helps control the street cat population humanely and reduces the number of stray cats over time.

Benefits for Corporates: Demonstrates a commitment to animal welfare and community health.


Community Cat Feeding Stations

Description: Companies can fund and help maintain feeding stations for street cats.

Impact: Ensures that street cats have regular access to food, improving their health and reducing scavenging behavior.

Benefits for Corporates: Enhances the company's image as a responsible and caring community member.


Cat Adoption Events and Campaigns

Description: Corporates can organize or sponsor adoption events to find homes for street cats.

Impact: Increases adoption rates and helps reduce the number of cats living on the streets.

Benefits for Corporates: Positive publicity and the opportunity to engage employees and customers in a meaningful cause.


Veterinary Care Sponsorship

Description: Corporates can sponsor veterinary clinics to provide free or discounted medical care for street cats.

Impact: Improves the health and well-being of street cats, preventing the spread of diseases.

Benefits for Corporates: Aligns with health and wellness values, demonstrating care for animals and community health.


Educational Workshops and Campaigns

Description: Companies can fund and participate in educational programs that teach the public about humane treatment and care of street cats.

Impact: Raises awareness and promotes responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of street cats.

Benefits for Corporates: Positions the company as an advocate for education and ethical behavior.


Corporate Volunteer Days

Description: Organize volunteer days where employees can participate in activities such as building cat shelters, assembling care packages, or preparing food for feeding stations.

Impact: Directly involves employees in hands-on activities that benefit street cats, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

Benefits for Corporates: Enhances employee engagement and morale, while demonstrating the company's commitment to social responsibility.

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